• Shai Reznik

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    A web developer for over 12 years and Angular Google Developer Expert. Over the past 6 years I've been obsessed with Angular - building, contributing, teaching, speaking and entertaining people from all over the world. You might know me from my crazy ng-conf talks - “ng-wat”, “The ng-show” and others... And you might also know me because I'm your neighbor, (Hi Moshe!). As a consultant, I've helped over 30 companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps. In my spare (spare?) time I run the largest JavaScript meetup group in Israel, I do Improv, I'm someone's ex-cousin and I love peer pressuring people to hug Antelopes.

    Shai Reznik

    The Crazy Angular Teacher

We swear we didn't pay them:

“I'm laughing my butt off and crying tears at the same time! Shai Reznik is something else...”

Angular Core Team Lead

Igor Minar

“That is totally AMAZING!! Just finished all the 8 lessons, one video after another.. Thanks for your blessed effort ❤️”

JavaScript Engineer

Islam Attrash

“This was the very best explanation of frameworks for beginners that I've ever seen.”

ng-conf organizer

Aaron Frost

“HiRez.io is like the pewdiepie of code lol Love it!”

Developer Advocate, Started #301DaysOfCode

Benjamin Spak

“If Shai Reznik's TDD videos don't convince you to add automated testing to your code, I don't know what will.”


Pearl Chen

“Well needed content in a very funny way to present. I can't stop laughing...”

Tech enthusiast, Front-end Developer

Mateus Carniatto

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I love teaching and the people in the Angular community.

That's why, if you ever have any question regarding the courses, website or anything else, feel free to hit me up at shai@hirez.io