What's included?

  • 8 Video Lessons

    Super high quality production videos made with some Angular love.

  • Project Files

    Practice what you learn! all the code you need is included in order to follow along the episodes.

  • 3 Quizzes

    Test your knowledge after important episodes to increase the likelihood you'll remember the material

  • Shai Reznik

    Instructor Bio:

    I've been a developer for over 15 years and since 2012 heavily involved in the Angular community - building, contributing, teaching, speaking and entertaining people from all over the world.

    I also was fortunate enough to be recognize by Google as a Google Developer Expert for Angular.

    As a consultant, I've helped over 30 companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps, and my talks and courses about testing have been viewed by over 20,000 people

    You might know me from my others crazy ng-conf talks - “ng-wat”, “The ng-show” and others... And you might also know me because I'm your neighbor, (Hi Moshe!).

    And in my spare (spare?) time I run the largest JavaScript meetup group in Israel, I do stand-up comedy & Improv, I contribute to open source, I'm someone's ex-cousin and I love peer pressuring people into hugging their peers.

    Shai Reznik

    The Crazy Angular Teacher

    Shai Reznik

What devs like you are sayin':

  • Vikas Poonia

    “Awesome and it is much better than paid courses on udemy.
    Instructor knows how to make boring coding into a interesting. I don't have any words to thank you. ”

  • Eyal Cohen

    The high-speed lectures make it more memorable and of course - funny.”

  • Abdur Raziq Khan

    “Funny and easy to learn.
    The tutorial was very good overall. & have described the functionalities in a very simple way. & funny too. ”

  • Avraham Avraham

    “A real twist in learning methods !
    Shai, You are a genius.”

  • Jimmy Bellmon

    “Very Good Introduction to Angular
    The Angular Basics course is a very good introduction to learning Angular. It overviews all the key points of Angular along with instructions on how to create an app. The instructor keeps the course lighthearted and easy to understand without much...”

  • Yves Venson Ceballos

    “Really fun
    And I can quickly understand it. Very effective approach of teaching.”

  • Gnaneshg Gn

    “Good Explaination
    The thoughts for teaching is really awsome..hoping more videos ..thank You”

Course curriculum

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  • 01
    Angular Basics
    Show Content
    • Episode 1 - Course Overview (3:04)
    • Before we continue...
    • Episode 2 - Why Angular? (7:50)
    • Project Files
    • Episode 3 - The Angular CLI (3:35)
    • Episode 4 - The Bootstrap Process (6:59)
    • Boost Your Learning #1
    • Episode 5 - Components (4:19)
    • Episode 6 - Templates (7:42)
    • Boost Your Learning #2
    • Episode 7 - Pipes (7:25)
    • Episode 8 - Directives & ngFor (8:43)
    • Before you get the 100% completion award...