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  • 8 Video Lessons

    Super high quality production videos made with some Llama & Unit testing love.

  • 28 pictures

    Of my neighbor who currently doesn't know I'm taking pictures of him

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    This theory will be valuable no matter which framework you are using

  • Shai Reznik

    Instructor Bio:

    I've been a developer for over 15 years and since 2012 heavily involved in the Angular community - building, contributing, teaching, speaking and entertaining people from all over the world.

    I also was fortunate enough to be recognize by Google as a Google Developer Expert for Angular.

    As a consultant, I've helped over 30 companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps, and my talks and courses about testing have been viewed by over 20,000 people

    You might know me from my others crazy ng-conf talks - “ng-wat”, “The ng-show” and others... And you might also know me because I'm your neighbor, (Hi Moshe!).

    And in my spare (spare?) time I run the largest JavaScript meetup group in Israel, I do stand-up comedy & Improv, I contribute to open source, I'm someone's ex-cousin and I love peer pressuring people into hugging their peers.

    Shai Reznik

    The Crazy Angular Teacher

    Shai Reznik

What developers like you are saying:

  • Mile Ignjatovic

    “Great theory course!
    No one so far hasn't condensed the theory of testing in such a fun and understandable way for me so far. This short course is great as an introduction to code testing and TDD.”

  • myoungsub sim

    “It's very useful course
    Thank you! It's very useful course”

  • mrutyunjaya pradhan

    “Course Review
    You are the best teacher I have ever seen,your teaching content is short,concise and effective.Keep up the good work.Hope to see more courses like this.”

  • Josey Howarth

    “It shall be referred to... a lot.
    This course goes a few steps beyond what I expect. My normal need for small breaks to make sure I understand the a courses concept, along with having to stop and stretch so I don't fall asleep, are not needed. In fact, the addition of Bonnie, an...”

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Unit Testing & TDD Theory
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    • Before we begin...
    • Episode 1 - What Is a Unit Test?
    • Episode 2 - Why Testing?
    • Episode 3 - How Unit Testing Makes Us Better Developers
    • Episode 4 - Unit Testing Best Practices
    • Episode 5 - What Should We Unit Test?
    • Episode 6 - JavaScript Unit Testing Tools
    • Episode 7 - How To Structure Your Tests
    • Episode 8 - What Is TDD?
  • 02
    Next steps
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