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  • 8 Video Lessons

    Super high quality production videos made with some Llama & Unit testing love.

  • 28 pictures

    Of my neighbor who currently doesn't know I'm taking pictures of him

  • All The Thoery

    This theory will be valuable no matter which framework you are using

  • Shai Reznik

    Instructor Bio:

    A web developer for over 13 years and Angular Google Developer Expert. As a consultant, I've helped over 30 companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps.

    Over the past 7 years I've been obsessed with Angular - building, contributing, teaching, speaking and entertaining people from all over the world. You might know me from my crazy ng-conf talks - “ng-wat”, “The ng-show” and others... And you might also know me because I'm your neighbor, (Hi Moshe!).

    In my spare (spare?) time I run the largest JavaScript meetup group in Israel, I do Improv, I contribute to open source, I'm someone's ex-cousin and I love peer pressuring people into hugging their peers.

    Shai Reznik

    The Crazy Angular Teacher

    Shai Reznik

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  • Josey Howarth

    “It shall be referred to... a lot.
    This course goes a few steps beyond what I expect. My normal need for small breaks to make sure I understand the a courses concept, along with having to stop and stretch so I don't fall asleep, are not needed. In fact, the addition of Bonnie, an...”

  • Pankaj Parkar

    “Laugh and Learn

  • mrutyunjaya pradhan

    “Course Review
    You are the best teacher I have ever seen,your teaching content is short,concise and effective.Keep up the good work.Hope to see more courses like this.”

  • Badreddine Bouzid

    “Just to tell ...
    you're totally crazy man :D I never learned coding like this! I'm afraid to start loving that :p ”

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Unit Testing & TDD Theory
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    • Before we begin...
    • Episode 1 - What Is a Unit Test?
    • Episode 2 - Why Testing?
    • Episode 3 - How Unit Testing Makes Us Better Developers
    • Episode 4 - Unit Testing Best Practices
    • Episode 5 - What Should We Unit Test?
    • Episode 6 - JavaScript Unit Testing Tools
    • Episode 7 - How To Structure Your Tests
    • Episode 8 - What Is TDD?
  • 02
    Next steps
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    • Before you get the 100% completion award...